Quick Guide

Our Photo Book Designer tool offers creative flexibility and ease of use (user friendly) with simple drag and drop features into simple and professionally designed photo book themes, it also offers great personalize backgrounds, layouts, borders and masks for additional personalization. Start your book-designing journey!

1. Select your photo book

Firstly, select your preferred Photo Book product from the list. Choose from a range of predesigned themes with specific sizes.

2. Load your pictures

Simply upload your pictures from designer tool, also You are able to import pictures from Facebook, Flicker and Picasa as well as from existing Photo Book.

3. Fill in pictures

To insert a photo, simply drag-and-drop your picture into the page. You can choose to have your picture as a single picture, background picture. You may also use auto fill option to personalize photo book with single click.

4. Resize, crop & rotate pictures

Resizing -Drag the resize handles at the four corners of the object to resize your picture.

Cropping -Double click on image then crop your picture.

Rotating -Click on the picture and rotate from any corner of object in Photo Book Designer tool.

5. Edit pictures

Give your photos a special touch. For a unique look, consider adding Black & White or Sepia filters. Feel free to explore the image enhancements such as Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Hue, Transparency from your original images!

6. Change page Layouts, Masks, Backgrounds, Borders

You may want to start designing each page with "Layouts Styles". Just drag and drop your preferred layout to the page. You can adjust and modify the page layout according to your preferred picture sizes. These page styles make creating your book easy and fun!

You can add a mask to a picture box or shape simply by dragging it from the “Mask” tray onto the picture. A mask will always scale to fit the box exactly.

You can also use either your pictures as backgrounds, or the various pre-loaded background designs from the "Backgrounds" tray in the designer tool.

You can add a border to a pictures or shape simply by dragging it from the “Border” tray on to the picture .

7. Insert Text

Adding text to your Photo Book adds a special detail to your story. Photo Book Designer tool automatically loads all fonts . You can choose the desired font sizes and colours.

8. Pages in Designer Tool

You can add New Pages, Delete existing pages and also copy and paste pages on canvas.

9. Order

Once you have finished designing your Photo Book, click on the red "Order" icon to submit your Photo Book. Tick the disclaimer check box and Enter no. of quantity ,select additional attributes. Sign in or create a new account. And then click the 'Save & Add to Cart' button.

10. Make payment

  • Confirm shipping and billing details
  • Select shipping method.
  • Confirm order is correct.
  • Select preferred payment option.
  • Fill in voucher or discount code and click 'REDEEM'.
  • Click 'Order Complete' and complete payment process.
  • You will receive an email confirmation containing your order number (---) and order details. the file. We don't reprint if the error is a file error.